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Hotels in Florence

Italian Hotel in Florence is a good starting point to discover the town , its location, near the center is of 'Hotel Florence < 549>, the ideal place to visit museums, the historical center, the tourist sites in general and much altro.Firenze is the cradle of the Renaissance, its architecture, its literary and artistic history make the city one of the most visited places Italy and the world. Visiting it day allows us to understand all the features of a cultural city, but visit it at night allows you to see how its historical roots make it at the same time a modern city, with its lights, places, local, and more. Florence is a magical place, intense, suitable for young and old. The magic of art and culture in affioriscono curiosity of adults and children …. but it does not lack the desire to have fun giving you a break in your vacation. Not far from it are adventure parks, rides and many leisure opportunities in every day of the year